A political awakening

A lot of people haven’t noticed, but there’s a political awakening going on and people are educating themselves about the issues. We started ProgressiveBookClubs.org because we recognized this intellectual hunger out there and we wanted to do something about it. We thought of book clubs because they’re such a unique venue. People get to discuss something they’ve read together, express their opinions and listen to those of others. It’s informative and transformational. Above all it’s a different way of connecting to the political experience than the average rally or town hall meeting. No large groups, no speaker; just average citizens discussing their latest book and what they see in their communities. Each group is independent and selects its own reading. Any author is welcome and any topic is fair game. It doesn’t get more grassroots or democratic than that. So take a minute and browse our directory of local, in-person book clubs. Even better, if you don’t find a group that suits you, post one yourself and keep the conversation going!